Sunday, September 27, 2009

Are we there yet?

3hrs of solid packing and my kitchen is basically done! All that's left in there is to clean out the fridge which I will do tomorrow (bin night) and take a heap of rubbish out to the bin, but I've sat down now and don't really feel like moving. Oh and to clean up the un used boxes.

Now all that's left to really do in the house is to put some odds and ends in some boxes or in green bags and then tomorrow I will also pack my stereo, dvd etc so I'm just left with the tv and SD box, oh and the laundry which will take about 10 mins.

I'm using my camping plates/cutlery to use for eating but I wont really be cooking anyway over the next few days as I want to get some take away meals from a few of my local fav's that I will miss.

I don't think I have ever been this organised for a move ever! I think I am at least 95% packed.

I have been sitting for a bit now and I am stuffed! I've gotta learn that when I'm standing up for so long that I really should have shoes on so I am standing on my orthodics as it really does help.
Oh and I should have cleaned the benches and the floor before I started packing - oops!

If it wasn't almost 5pm I would have a nap!


  1. yeah I'm wondering how we are going to live without our local fish'n chip shop and their legendary "perfect every time" potatoe cakes... hmmm

  2. Talking about excitement....oh my goodness