Thursday, September 3, 2009

Completed tiling and garage door

Due to work I haven't been to see my house for 2 days, but today when I got there rather late the tiler was there putting the final tile back on from needing to leave it off for the plumber so I was able to get in to get photos!

Ensuite shower base - I love how they did the tiling, love the diagonals!

Ensuite splashback

Ensuite shower

Feautre tiles

Ensuite floor

Ensuite niche

Kitchen floor

Kitchen floor into the pantry

Laundry splashback

Laundry floor

Front entrance

Bathroom shower


Bathroom shower base, again I love the direction of the tiles

Bathroom floor and bath

I also have a garage door!

Someone's been doing some digging

Oooh the phone cable has been done finally


  1. Awesome lisa. The showrs bases arwe really effective.
    Did they clean the water and crap out from under the bath? Don't want some foul odour brewing under there over time.

  2. I love the tiles in the shower base – really neat feature!

  3. Anon - Thanks! I hope they got that water out!!!

    Thanks Tim and Fiona! It was unexpected and I love it! :D

  4. I'd check they did get the water out if I were you.

  5. Looks great, specially shower tiles layout quite unique.
    Just wondering who did you the telephone cabling?
    We are still waiting for our contract to be signed.

  6. Wow! The shower bases look awesome. I hope they do mine like that too. Looks really effective with the feature tiles. Almost there. :)

  7. @Ismail: Thanks! I paid the builder $250 to do it which includes the trench and the connection to the street. I still need to pay Telstra to connect it all (another $300!)

    @Sirona: Thank you, I think that they are almost my favourite part of the house at the moment!!