Monday, September 21, 2009

PCI Tomorrow!

My PCI inspection is tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow!! It's amazing to think that I have survived the journey ;) The build has gone so smoothly and I am so pleased that it has considering how stressful it was dealing with the home loan application.

So tomorrow I will be armed with a clipboard, my electrical plan, a hairdryer and my camera! The hair dryer is for checking that all the power points work.

I have been compiling a list of things to check:
• Make sure you open and close lots of things eg all doors incl cupboards etc,
• open and close all windows
• check all taps and make sure the water drains away.
• Check all paint work
• look down the side of the walls where the light shines onto it.
• Make sure all doors have the weather strips
• check that the roof insulation is tidy and even.
• Check for chipped bricks and discoloured or missing mortar.
• Make sure there are no missing roof tiles.
• Make sure the windows aren't scratched on the frame or glass.
• Check that no tiles are pointing (higher than others). (bare feet)
• Make sure toilets are centered in the space and flush properly.
• Exhaust fans work
• check under the vanities to check that when they drilled the holes to get the plumbing through they did a good job
• check the cabinetry
• check the sliding door handles are all the same styles
• check the windows to make sure they didn't get paint sprayed on them - you may need to feel for the paint as it may not show up in the light
• check the sliding doors are level and shut properly
• check for all the extra power points are there
• Take a hair dryer to test every single power point works
• Check all lights turn on


  1. Thats quite a list, but needed. It's very exciting and I'm sure you'll have a ball going through everything tomorrow. Best of luck...


  2. Thanks Michael! It is a big list but everything needs to be inspected and checked and ticked off!!

  3. thanks for posting the list, we're a few weeks away and need a list. in fact a few of our windows have different handles so thats a good item to add to the list.

  4. Some more..... lol. I keep my list in an email draft.
    But I guess the ducted heating doesn't apply to you.

    *All tri-locks, privacy locks and sliding door locks are working
    *Automatic garage door works
    *Ducted heating
    *Oven, rangehood, dishwasher, hotplates
    *Articulation joints
    *Seals around windows
    *Self sealing fans actually self seal.
    *Check that the top and bottom of all the doors are painted.
    *Chips/cracks/marks in/on toilets, basins, cupboards, doors and vanities.

  5. No worries Bill.

    Oooh a few extra good ones Jo!

  6. you guys rock (Lisa & Jo). Even thought we're 3 months off handover (hopefully) I'm copying your list!!!

  7. I'll be a copy cat too. So thanks for posting your lists. It's PCI day!!... and?? As the blackboard from Mr Squiggle says "Hurry Up!"

  8. Ooo! Very exciting for you. Good luck! And I must confess both Lisa & Jo your lists are really good & I might have to steal them too. ;)