Friday, September 11, 2009

Site clean, finished render and garage door

I drove down my street tonight and got a huge surprise to see that my site had been cleaned which included the removal of the port-a-loo and rubbish cage and that my render has been finished!!

I love my render and love having a clean front yard!

Chateau Lisa - Check out my garage door!

Close up

Chateau Lisa - Check out my render! Love it!!

Did you notice in the last photo something different? Yes, no Port-a-loo or rubbish cage!! My site has been cleaned!

Render - The colour is Flood Mud

Front of my house, I haven't been able to take this shot before due to the port-a-loo and rubbish cage being in the way

Aircon/heater vents have been done and the control panels are in too

All clean! Love the makeshift step hehe they aren't filling it due to me getting it concreted

Return air vent installed


A different angle

All clean and filled!


  1. Wow! Your render colour has come up really well. The colours are all coming together nicely. You'll have to get a pic of it with your garage door down so we can see the full effect. :)

  2. Thanks Sirona! I tried, but I couldn't get the door to stay down! :( I also can't wait to see all my outdoor painting being completed, like my front door!