Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fitout has started

The Fitout stage started yesterday and after today the electrical fitout is basically done - an outdoor light hasn't been fitted and a powerpoint in the bathroom hasn't been done either.
I have electricals, taps, toilets and plumbing so really the house is almost done! The outdoor painting still hasn't been done but the weather is on the improve so hopefully soon.
Pitty work is being extremely stressful so I don't feel too excited about it :(

Photo's from the past few days

Chateau Lisa


I have light switches and power points - the light switch is meant to be on the other side of the door though

My fancy light shade that the builder provides (one day they will be changed out) and energy saving light bulbs - will change these for warm light ones

I have a shower rail and mixer taps on the shower and basin

Taps for the bath, glad the spout reaches


Outdoor tap

Laundry sink taps and spout

Washing machine taps and some plaster damage

Insulation has been delivered, I couldn't see any writing to say what R rating it is to make sure it was the correct type

Kitchen sink and my vegie sprayer tap have been put in

Ensuite mixer tap

Evidence of muddy tradies

Lights over my kitchen bench where I will one day put in pendants

Outdoor GPO

Outdoor light

Ensuite toilet


  1. Really love those mixer taps! Must be very expensive upgrades ;)

  2. Gawd no idea how much they are! I can't even find the paperwork right now either!