Saturday, September 26, 2009

Finished door and Splashback is in

I have been a bit slack with photo's but that's mostly cos there isn't really anything new or exciting to show.
Well today I went up to the house and the painters have been hard at work and done the final coat to my front door, my glass splashback has also been installed!! Also there are a couple of photos I took from the PCI

PCI - My ensuite has the chicken pox - the red dots are used to mark what needs touching up

Bathroom looking to rumpus

One of my Heater/Aircon control panel

My front door has had it's final coat!

The bottom of the door frame has been stained

umm yeah, thanks for that painters...

New position of the towel rail, still not great but better

My glass spalshback is in!! It's Mocha Magic


From the sliding door

Splashback again

Very poor patch up of render :(


  1. Hey lisa, the kitchen looks great, and with that front door, if I'm down your way any time I'll be able to pick you a mile off! great colour tho

  2. Your splashback looks hot! Love the colour.