Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting organised

With only 5 sleeps until handover and 6 sleeps until I actually move the to do list is getting shorter and then I think of more things that need doing...
  • Removalists confirmed - tick
  • Bank Cheque organised for day before hand over - tick
  • Insurance certificate - tick
  • Money transfered from ING to pay for everything - tick
  • Phone line connected - tick
  • ADSL applied for - tick
  • Cleaner organised for rental (Hi Kate!) - tick
  • Carpet cleaner organised for rental - tick
  • Organise security door installation - tick
  • Organise fly screen installation - tick
  • Organise concreter - tick (hopefully the weather plays nicely)
  • Paid my rates for this quarter so I don't forget - tick
  • Starting to panic - tick

Still to do:
  • Be given my Certificate of Occupance - hopefully today
  • Order rubbish and recycling bins from council - dependent on COO
  • Finish packing - ARGH! Actually it's not that bad... I think... -scratches head-
  • Mail redirection - I have the form, just need to submit it
  • Collect bank cheque for builder
  • Cancel services at rental and organise final readings
  • Unpack!
  • Change address for -everything- (I will do that once I've moved though)
  • Get the keys to my very first house!
I'm sure there are a few things I've forgotten about - please let me know if you can think of anything I am missing!!


  1. look I think you should get the keys to the new house b4 you start unpacking! lol

  2. LOL Annie, I think you're right, it might be helpful!

  3. Don't for to... GET EXCITED!!! You're about to move into you brand new house! Woohoo!

  4. Ahh yes, getting excited! Must do that! I'm sure I will get very excited Wednesday morning - moving day!