Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PCI done. R.I.P Woody

Where do I start? What a shit of a day and yet great at the same time....

The carpet in the meals/family area is going to be replaced and lots of walls are going to be fully repainted as he doesn't like touch up jobs being done as you can see them - the two sides of the entrance, the two main walls of the meals/family plus the toilet is going to be re-sanded and painted as you can see some plaster joins, a laundry wall will also be re done. 3 lights weren't working so they will be fixed, the outside junction box will be changed. The laminate bench in the ensuite will be fixed/replaced. The front render will be fixed, the power point int he bathroom has had to be put in the cupboard due to the smallness of the room and proximity to water sources and the post at the front of the house will be fixed properly. And then there are lots of bits that need repainting around the cornices etc due to movement and they will probably need to be re-done at the 3 and 12 month checks too... c'est la vie
I forgot the hair dryer so I didn't check any power points but I'm really not too worried as my SS has said that he looks after things for the first month, so anything I see that needs fixing he will get fixed in that first month and then it goes to the maintenance people and that alone leaves me feeling good as I know he does a good job.

I took photo's but really can't be bothered posting them as nothing has changed other than the addition of the red dots... splashback will go in later this week. It takes a while as they can't measure for it until the stone bench tops are in and then they need to cut the glass and then send it to the painters to be painted.

I've just checked my colour selections and I think they have installed the wrong internal door handles, everything is satin chrome but the door handles are all shiny and not a matt finish - gah, do I bother or not?

Oh and my phone got connected today! The appointment was meant to be for 8am-12pm but at 11:30 he came past and I told him how glad I was he arrived and he said he is about 4hrs early - they moved my appointment to 1pm-5pm and no one told me, anyway he had another one for a house just down the road so he did mine at the same time!

Just after starting my inspection I got a phone call from my sister to tell me that one of our long time family friend died in an accident this morning. I've known him for over half of my life and if I hadn't got back in contact with my Dad I would have asked him to walk me down the aisle if I was to ever get married. He leaves behind a lovely Wife, Tanya and two sons Trent and Hayden.

I was meant to go back to work this afternoon but just not in the head space for it. I'm also mean to help officiate/judge a cycling event my club is running tonight and I just don't know if I will or not yet... feeling pretty crappy and not in the mood to be around people


  1. Aww shame about your friend, thats never a good thing. Good that the PCI went okay, did you get in a building inspector for the PCI? Im thinking about doing the same, do the building companies like that happening?

  2. Ohh Lisa how horrible for you - especially when you really want to feel excited. Big hugs to you.

    It's good that the PCI went well - the silver lining so to speak... Your SS sounds very agreeable and doing everything he can to present a quality house to you. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy it soon enough but look after yourself today and if you have to say 'no' to other commmittments then so be it.

  3. G'day Lisa, terrible about your friend, it must be horrible for your family too... Perhaps don't officiate the race if someone else can... take some time to yourself, you're doing this build on your own aren't you???? You should take time to get your mojo back!! and def get the handles changed, you picked them originally for some reason, don't let it go just because it's a bit of a bother...

  4. Thanks guys, still in shock about it all really.

    @bill: No I didn't use a building inspector, my SS is -really- good and felt there wasn't a need, he is so good that he wont even settle for pain patch ups and is going to get the whole walls re painted instead

    @Sophie: thanks, very glad PCI went well, I knew it would though based on what I had seen.

    @Annie: thank you Annie, it's just so sad :( I am building on my own and I didn't go to the cycling tonight, staying home to cry a bit and have a few wines in memory of him. I called my CSA about the handles and she will get them checked. All other handles are matt finish, even my bedroom suite so I would like them changed.

    I am soo grateful that I have such a wonderful SS!

  5. Hi Lisa,

    Good to know things went well for PCI, and you have such a wonderful SS.
    Sorry to hear about the sad news, hopefully things will go fine.
    Take care.

  6. Sorry to hear about your friend Lisa.
    Good news that your SS is damn good at what he does :)
    ~ Oze

  7. Thanks Ismail and Oze. Oze definitely try to get him if you can, he is awesome! :D He does his job and he does it properly, so awesome :)