Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To do list

I tell you what, moving into a new house on it's own needs a project manager! So far I have organised to put up the temporary redi shades and front window blinds the Tuesday (handover day). On the Wednesday I am moving and have scheduled the fly screens to be installed that afternoon. Thursday/Friday/Saturday hopefully my concrete for the driveway and alfresco is done, two days is needed - fingers crossed for good weather. I also need to organise a day for the security doors to be installed and I need to organise the cleaning of my current place and I need to clean up the backyard! Gawd I have soooooooo much to do that it's not funny! Also as already mentioned I still don't know when I will get a phone line AND I need to get my tv antenna connected in the roof! I'm trying not to watch my recorded tv and downloads just incase I wont have tv recception or internet - my gawd, could you imagine no TV and no internet?!?! The mind boggles!


  1. no internet - AAAAAHHHHH - BTW good weather this weekend, does that help???

  2. I know, no internet - how archaic! ;) Glad I have my iPhone though!

    Unfortunately the weather this weekend doesn't matter at all except for making it more of an enjoyable one :D

  3. I could live with the no TV (I should say I AM living with no TV since we moved in 4weeks ago) but no internet ARGHHH!!! that WOULD be a problem :)

    Good luck with getting everything sorted! I remember my head spinning in the last 2 weeks before we moved in - so much to organise and not knowing how to fit it all in together - you're right... definitely need a project manager to sort it all out!

  4. Thanks Sophie, I think the iPhone will come in handy!
    It's amazing how much needs to be organised, it's a massive amount! It would be good to have two weeks off to do it all really and not 3-4 days