Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Outdoor Painting

I called my SS yesterday and discovered that he didn't realise that the PCI and handover dates had been locked in! ARGH!!! So I explained that N had told me she discussed it with him and we talked about the dates and that I have given rental notice based on the dates and booked removalists etc etc! Anyway, I found out today that he will be submitting those dates into the system - lets hope that I now get all the stuff to the bank in time for their processing times!

I also submitted my order for a home phone line and was told that it has been put on hold due to the main cable requiring an upgrade - wtf? I figure it's just that my end of the street hasn't been actually turned on yet and that I am probably the first to apply for a phone line in this stage. I should find out a timeline of when I can expect to get a phone line and then I can work out what to do in regards to internet etc

In other news, the outdoor painting has been started!!

Chateau Lisa - can you see the painting of the gutters, eaves, down pipes and....

My front door has an undercoat!! I LOVE IT!!! Really LOVE it!

Loving the colour!! See the portico roof and wood poles have all been painted

The door needs another coat, but I LOVE it!!

You can just see that they have done the inside too

Painted downpipes

Painted garage door

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